Freeware Office Organizer - software system of communication, mail client (for Internet and office local network) and mail server, personal and network organizers, chat for local network, adjustable database, address book etc.
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Office Organizer is a software system that is used for managing a mailbox and processing the personal information. As well it can provide an interaction between computers within a local network of an organization by realization of the following functions:  
-the embedded mail program which is a mail client for using the mail service on the Internet, and the mail client and the mail server for local network providing a communication independent on Internet connection;  
-the network organizer,  
-the interactive communication channels between users' computers.  
For a personal computer beyond a local network Office Organizer can be used as a freeware that can serve both as a personal organizer and a standard mail client to use the mail services in the Internet. The function of mail preview at the server of the Internet Service Provider without downloading it to the user's computer can be outlined as one of the distinctive features of the mail client. There is a safe mode to view email messages.  
No external database management system or any extra components are required. The only exception can be that the program uses the core of MS Internet Explorer to read mail messages in the HTML-format.  
Office Organizer allows user or group of users' day planning. Key feature of this function is the option of maintaining the same database "day plan" by two or more users, for example, in the chief-secretary pair, i.e. the Secretary prepares draft day plan and accompanying information to it (accompanying information is entered into the fields: "Description", "Incoming calls", "To call" – the fields can be named at will) and the Chief can edit these materials at his/her own in the Secretary's sight – the Secretary can follow the process on his/her computer.  
For out-dated information storage an archive is provided for. Data stored in the archive can be restored using the appropriate function of the Settings utility.  
Office Organizer consists of two components – the client part and the server. For different purposes, the client database can be located either on the computer used as a server or on the user computer. The client software features various setting versions thanks to the Settings utility. The server part also features own settings.  
The program window can be minimized to the tray (in the right bottom corner of the screen) which allows quick restoring of any of the Office Organizer windows. Clicking the program icon minimized to the tray with the right button of the mouse displays menu with access to the program key functions.  
The system is to be installed from the distributive with standard Windows interface and is designed for operating under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. The system is compatible with most of the Windows notebook versions.  
Office Organizer is distributed as a freeware requiring registration for full-range network operation.  
Free version of the program has two limitations: Only three network computers with the installed free client version can interact using the software and the day plan database is limited with seven days. Note that if the software is used on one computer only without connecting to the local network, it has neither functional nor time limitations.  
To get the full version please go to the web-site for registration keys and initialize the program by entering the keys using the Settings application, - see the section Full version installation for instructions.