Freeware Office Organizer - software system of communication, mail program (for Internet and office local network), personal and network organizers, chat for local network etc.
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On the "Application" tab of the Settings utility you can select those Office Organizer windows, which, when closed, cause closing the whole application.  
If none of the check boxes is ticked off, closing the program window doesn't lead to the program closing - Office Organizer is simply minimized to the tray. The program icon: icon16 remains in the bottom right corner of the window.  
If the check boxes are ticked off, the icon is displayed only when the application is running.  
In this case the required window of Office Organizer can be easily restored by clicking the program icon with the right bottom of the mouse thus displaying the main menu. This should be noted when working in the local network since new run of the program may cause connection establishing delays. In this case you can exit the program also through the main menu.