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System configuration. Local and network database

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The system configuration depends on your objectives. These objectives can be classified as follows:  
1. Ensuring interaction between computers of your local network.  
- To enable local network users to connect between each other using the embedded mail program and establish interactive communication channels, those users' client software should be connected to the server.  
- If you want some users work only in pairs – set the "one to one" connection. See section "Connection "one to one".  
2. Objectives of the "day plan" database management  
For details please see "Database Location and Setting".  
- If the user manage his/her database alone, it can be located either on the server or on the user's computer.  
- When two or more users are connected to the same database the database should be located on the server with the above users listed in one group in the server settings,  
- Some user pairs can be connected by the "one to one" method, i.e. the database is located on one of the user's computers and the second user is connected to it through the network drive – in this case the user are connected only to each other.