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Server settings and network database

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Run the server part of the software from the Windows' "Start" menu: "All programs", "Office Organizer", "Server". The "Office Organizer Server" window will be displayed. The right part of the windows is intended for server operations messages. The left part of the window contains the "Settings" buttons  
Clicking the "Settings" button displays the "Server Settings" window.  
·The "Groups" box allows users assigning to a certain database. If user databases are located on the server their parameters are set in the same box and users of the same database are united in one group. If the database is located on the client computer its parameters are set on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility and user division into groups has no meaning for the database management.  
- Enter name of the user group. If the database is available on one computer only, the group will contain one user. Using the buttons "+" and "-" near the group list you can add or remove groups.  
- Define the database path using the "Browse" button. (It is not recommended to locate the database on any other computer than the server or the user computer. In the latter case it is not required to define the database path in the server settings!) For special cases when the database is located on the client computer and managed by two users without using server – see the section "Several users working with one database".  
- Specify number of day descriptions to be stored in the database and number of descriptions to be stored in the archive. Should the database size exceed number of days specified, data from the database beginning exceeding its limits will be transferred to the archive. The data can be restored from the archive. The database size can exceed the specified one – this is applied to the past days and doesn't include records related to the future (though demanding additional disk space).  
wnote Should the archive become overfull, data from its beginning exceeding the archive's limits will be completely deleted.  
- The archive and database sizes are managed in the "DB Structure" window displayed by clicking the "Structure" button. For more details please see the section "Changing the structure "Archive-DB".  
- Select parameters of daily plan representation (new records template): the day plan beginning and ending time as well as interval between hours in the selected diapason.  
·The "Users in group" box is intended for entering users' names stated when registering (use arbitrary names for the freeware) and network names or IP-addresses of computers. If the database is managed by a single user the group will include this only user.  
·The "Network" box is intended for entering some local network parameters.  
·The "Language" box allows selecting language of windows interfaces and messages of the software server part.  
·Enter licence number of the registered user in to the "License ID" box.