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Organizer, Day plan window. Calendar and date.

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The day plan window (the "Office Organizer" window) is displayed by selecting the "Organizer" in the main menu opened by clicking the Office Organizer icon in the tray (bottom right corner of the screen) with the right button of the mouse.  
This window is intended for the «day plan» database management – i.e. it's intended for entering and editing records in the lines corresponding to certain time as well as in the additional fields of the database.  
The day plan window allows access to other windows of the program by means of the icons arranged in the upper left corner:  
(The icons are described one by one from left to right)  
·Cancel or undo last change in the database.  
·Print out day plan.  
·Open related document.  
·Open mail program.  
·Open local network users list to create a mail message or establish interactive communication channels.  
In the upper right corner the following buttons are located:  
·Open the "Office Organizer Help" program.  
·View the day plan window: 2 days, 4 days, 7 days – in the picture the 7 days button is "clicked"  
Month calendar is displayed in the right part of the screen when the 7 days mode is selected (see above)  
·The line "Today: 2/1/2004" contains the system date and time set in the computer.  
·The date highlighted with the blue oval is the date starting from which 7 days are shown in the day plan. On default the date is Monday of the current week.  
·By clicking the left button of the mouse any other date can be selected to start count the 7 days.  
·When clicking the year with the left button of the mouse on the year number arrows are displayed for the year paging. Clicking the month's name with the left button of the mouse allows selecting any other month of the year selected. B clicking the arrows you may page the months (back or forward).Days of the near by months are displayed in pale.  
·If the "Paging the plans only" check box is ticked off, the "Today" calendar (see below) won't changed together with the month calendar but will display the date to which the additional fields of the database relate.  
The calendar in the upper right corner on default shows the "today" date.  
·This calendar always displays the date to which records in the additional fields F1, F2, F3 relate.  
·The date in the calendar is synchronized with the date highlighted with the blue oval in the month calendar (see above). If the date selected in the calendar is not the current date, the button will be marked as "Date", not as "Today".  
·Date in the calendar may be changed by means of the month calendar opened by the clicking the button "Sun, February 01, 2004".  
·When clicking the "Today" (or "Date") button, additional window with description of the holiday or celebrity date is displayed allowing entering of any related information.  
·If in the month calendar (see above) the "Paging the plans only" check box is ticked off, the "Today/Date" calendar won't change together wit the month calendar.