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Connecting "one to one" and network database

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"one to one" – is the system setting option when the database is located on the user computer and one more user is connected to it:  
- Tick off the "Sharing" check box in both client software on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility.  
- Enter network names (hostnames) of each other into the client software on the "Network" tab and change port number if required.  
- Define the computer to store the database file. (Its extension is.odb and its default location is C:\Program Files\Office Organizer\Default.odb.) Define the database file path on the selected computer using the "Browse" button on the same tab. Connect the network drive using the Windows menu "Map Network Drive". The network drive for the second computer is the folder containing the database file located on the first computer. On the second computer click the "Browse" button in order to define the database path using the network drive. When connecting the network drive use the "Reconnect at logon" option to make the network drive to connect automatically when starting the computer.  
wnote Determine the "master" copy of the software – i.e. what settings prevail when transferring data to the archive. Then, on the selected computer, into the "Number of Records DB" field (database size) on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility enter the number less than on the second computer – for instance 365 and 368, respectively (it is recommended that the difference is 2-3 days). This should be done to avoid simultaneous data correction and transfer to the archive!  
wnote When working in the "one to one" mode network communication functions are available only for connecting you with the second user. In order to manage the database together with any number of other users and use the mail program and interactive communication channels to all the local network users locate the database file on the server.  
Note of the "Frequently asked question" (FAQ) type:  
When using the "one to one" method, the connection can't be established and both client programs report short message in the "Office Organizer" window heading: [no answer].  
·There are two reasons for that. Either connection can't be established due to incorrect network names, specified on the "Network" tab of the Settings utility, or number of connection requests is insufficient for your network parameters. In the latter case, you need to increase the Reconnect parameter (on default it is 5) in the Organize.ini file in the section [Network]. However, note that in case of "slow" network large number in this field may cause connection establishing delays when running the software.