Freeware Office Organizer - software system of communication, mail program (for Internet and office local network), personal and network organizers, chat for local network etc.
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Office Organizer main menu

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When Office Organizer is run or minimized to the tray its icon icon16. can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. The main menu is displayed by clicking this icon with the right button of the mouse.  
When selecting option of the menu "Start", a submenu displays:  
- "Help" – displays the "Office Organizer Help" help program.  
- "Settings" – displays the Settings program, the Office Organizer client part settings.  
- "License" – displays information on the Office Organizer registered user.  
- "To purchase" – opens the web-site providing support of the software purchase and registration.  
- "About..." – displays information on the licensor.  
The main menu also contains options as follows:  
- "Connect" - network connection renewal (available when disconnected from the network).  
- Open/close main windows of the program: "Folders", "Users", "Mail", "Organizer".  
- Exit the program.