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Mail tab and connections types

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User account setup to connect with mailboxes of any Office Organizer user can be implemented at the 'Mail' tab of the Settings utility. The mailboxes can be both in the local network and in the Internet.  
The user can get a mailbox within the local network after his data are recorded in the 'Users in group' box in the settings of the server section of the Office Organizer program, and, respectively, the connection with the server should be established at the settings of the 'Network' tab of the clients program section as well.  
To activate this mailbox you should switch on the check box that is a small square on the left of the connection alias name "Office Organizer Server" at the "Mail" tab.  
The procedure of creation of mailbox account on the Internet is the same as in any other mail program. When the button 'Add' is pushed for entering data, the window 'Connection' opens. When the button 'Edit' is pushed you can change the data entered for the selected connection. The button 'Delete' is used for deleting an account.  
The data received from the Internet provider should be entered in the window 'Connection': the user account name (login) and password to access the mail box, server address of incoming messages (POP3) and outcoming messages (SMTP).  
The fields 'Connection alias' and 'User Name' are used for any (at your discretion) conditional names, respectevely: the Internet service provider and the user name. During operation of the Office Organizer these names will be displayed in different cases in the program messages, pointers, etc.  
If the check box 'Authentication for SMTP server' is switched on, the program will transfer the login and password to the SMTP server every time when a message is sent via Internet connection. (This process is latent for the user).  
It is possible to change the port number if the default port does not suit the network administrator (user).  
To activate any connection you should switch on the check box that is a small square on the left of the connection alias name at the "Mail" tab. If the check box is deactivated, this connection will not be used by the program.  
When any connection alias is selected with the left mouse key and the button 'For sending' is pressed – the connection alias will become selected and outlined in a bold and underlined style. After this the sender's address will always automatically appear in the new mail message window. The other connections will be blocked for sending from their name. If none of the connections is selected by the button 'For sending', the user will have to select one of the connections (one of the names of his mailboxes) to get it shown in the field 'From' of the outcoming message window. The selection can be made in the pulldown selection listbox by pressing the button in the field 'From'.