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Mail program and messages windows

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The mail program window 'Mail - Office Organizer' can be opened by two ways:  
·by the button with an envelope icon in the daily schedule window;  
·by selecting a menu-item 'Mail' of the main menu that can be opened by pressing the right mouse key on the program Office Organizer icon in the tray (the bottom right part of the screen).  
The window 'Mail - Office Organizer' also can be automatically opened when the program Office Organizer starts if the corresponding settings at the tab 'Application' of the Settings utility have been preliminary specified.  

The window 'Mail - Office Organizer' is used:  
1.To preview the content of the folders with the mail messages:  
Outbox, Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts, Templates. At the window 'Folders' of the program Office Organizer the user can also create an unlimited number of other useful folders to place the mail messages including the attached ones at any level of reattachment.  
2.To call the window where a mail message can be created. The operation is realized through the menu 'File', then 'Create Message' or 'Reply'. In the latter case the sender's address that is selected in the 'Mail - Office Organizer' window will be inserted to the window of the new mail message, and the message text quoting will be realized. This address can be represented in two formats: simply as an e-mail address or: a conventional addressee name <e-mail address>. There are corresponding buttons 'Reply' and 'Create Message' on the tool bar of the 'Mail - Office Organizer' window for the fast selection of these functions.  
3.To implement different operations with mail messages. There are available some menu items in the top part of the window (some items are available through respective buttons on the tool bar):  
'Create Message' – calls the window where a mail message can be created (See Clause 2).  
'Save' – opens the 'Save as…' window and offers saving the message in the formats of .rtf or .eml in the folder selected by the user (the default folder is ...\Office Organizer\MessageBox).  
'Reply' – calls the new mail message creation window (See Clause 2).  
'Save in folder' – moves a copy of the selected mail message to the folder 'Drafts'or 'Templates', where the messages will be available for editing (double clicking with the left mouse key can open the message creation window with the text of the selected message).  
'Print' – opens the printing window.  
'Exit' – closes the mail program window, and with the proper settings on the 'Application' tab the program Office Organizer can be closed at the same time.  
'Copy' – copies the selected part of the text to the Windows clipboard (in the given Office Organizer version – only for the letters of the txt format). Any format can be copied to the clipboard by pressing the keys 'Ctrl+C' .  
'Font' – changes a font in message viewing (only for the letters of the txt format). The change of fonts is not saved and is active only for the current viewing.  
'Coding view' – realizes the manual selection of the symbol table. The given option like others from the menu item 'View' requires a change, mainly, in case of  
contingencies which can be quite often (For example, an incoming mail message is displayed via an unreadable encoding by any reasons, letters in the html-code are absent or coding is incorrectly specified)  
'Language' - selects a language for decoding the letter being viewed.  
'Safe Mode' – a safe mode to view email messages. It is recommended for reading of potentially dangerous messages. This function activates a built-in HTML code interpreter to interpret the message code. The interpreter supports only text formatting, allowing you to read the message text. It will ignore all potentially dangerous tags. The appearance of the message may, obviously, be affected. For instance, if the message is a graphics file, it will look like an empty window in this mode.  
'Select font' - realizes an attempt to automatically match a font with the charset corresponding to the selected language of the mentioned letter. However, it can prevent displaying the letter text containing several different languages, except English, in the right way (in case of Unicode).  
'HTML Decoding' – when this option is selected, decoding of the mail message from the html-code to "windows-125x" is realized by the program Office Organizer, that is necessary to read some of the codes. If this option is cancelled, decoding can be made by the Internet Explorer aids.  
'Get Messages' - downloads all mail messages from the Internet and local network in accordance with the list of the active connections pointed on the 'Mail' tab.  
'Mail Download Wizard' – initiates the connection process with the mail service provider allowing first viewing the titles of all coming messages without their downloading in the user computer, then selecting the messages which the user wants to download. The rest ones can be deleted (mark for deletion) directly on the server of the Internet service provider.  
'Send Messages' - sends all mail messages from the folder 'Outbox'.  
To delete a mail message it should be selected by the mouse in the top part of the mail program window (in the messages list field) and press the key 'Del' or having pressed the right mouse key, select 'Delete'. The deleted message will be moved to the folder 'Deleted Items'. The same operation in the folder 'Deleted Items' results in final deleting the message. Using message selecting by the mouse in the combination with pressing 'Ctrl + Shift', it is possible to select and delete several messages at once.  
A mail message to move from one folder to another by mouse dragging to the necessary folder in the 'Folders window'.