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Mail message

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To create a mail message it is necessary to call the window for the message creation. It can be done in two ways:  
·in the mail program window 'Mail - Office Organizer' you can select the menu 'File', then 'Create Message'. This menu item is also available through the button with the envelope icon on the tool bar.  
·In the 'Users window you can press the button 'Message'. In the left part of the window it is possible to select preliminary a local network user name. After this his address will be entered right away to the address line of the outcoming messages window.  
There some menu items in the top part of the window are available (some items are available through respective buttons on the tool bar):  
'New' – a new window to create a mail message appears, the created message should be saved.  
'Open' – allows to open any file of the .eml, .rtf or .txt formats from any folder (the default folder is ...\Office Organizer\MessageBox).  
'Save' – saves the file being edited in the .eml or .rtf formats or opens the 'Save as…' window (the default folder is ...\Office Organizer\MessageBox) if it is the first saving of the the file being edited.  
'Save as…' – opens the 'Save As' window and offers to save the message in the .rtf or .eml formats in any folder selected by the user (the default folder is ...\Office Organizer\MessageBox).  
'Send Message'- sends a mail message. The sent message is available for viewing only in the folder 'Sent Items' in the 'Mail - Office Organizer' window.  
'Send Message Later' – a mail message is moved to the folder 'Outbox'.  
'Save in folder' – moves the message being edited to the folder 'Drafts'or 'Templates', where the messages are available for the further editing (double click by the left mouse key on the selected message in the folder 'Drafts' or 'Templates' the mail program window, opens the window of the mail message creation with text of the selected message).  
'Print' – opens the printing window.  
'Exit' - closes the mail message creation window.  
'Undo' – cancellation of the last change made in message editing.  
'Cut' – deleting and copying the selected part of the text to the Windows clipboard  
'Copy' – copying the selected part of the text to the Windows clipboard  
'Paste' – pasting from the Windows clipboard.  
'Font' – changing the font of the selected part of the text.  
'Edit as Text' – changeover of the window to the editing mode of the text file. This function is available in pressing the button 'Edit' over the tool bar. (The button 'Preview' allows previewing the text being edited in the HTML-format).  
'Coding view' – is realized by the manual selection of the symbol table with which a message will be created.  
'HTML' - creation of the mail message in the HTML-format.  
'Simple Text' – other way to create a mail message in the text format.  
'Language' – selects a language for decoding the mail message being created.  
'Safe Mode' – a safe mode to view email messages. It is recommended for reading of potentially dangerous messages (for instance, if user decides to open in this window for editing an email attachment file received by some other email program). This function activates a built-in HTML code interpreter to interpret the message code. The interpreter supports only text formatting, allowing you to read the message text. It will ignore all potentially dangerous tags. The appearance of the message may, obviously, be affected. For instance, if the message is a graphics file, it will look like an empty window in this mode.  
'Select font' - realizes an attempt to match a font with the charset corresponding to the selected language of the letter.  
'File Attachment' – opens the window to select the file being attached to the mail message.  
'Text from file' - opens the window to select the file in the .txt format attached to the mail message being edited.  
'Hyperlink' - opens the window to enter addresses in the Internet (the site address or e-mail address). The address will be inserted on the cursor place of the text being edited and will be specifically coloured and underlined.