Freeware Office Organizer - software system of communication, mail program (for Internet and office local network), personal and network organizers, chat for local network, database with developer interface etc.
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Interface tab

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The "Interface" tab of the Settings utility allows setting some parameters of the software windows interface.  
·Interface language – Russian or English.  
·Show or hide clock in the upper right corner of the day plan window.  
·Selecting greeting form and time in the upper right corner of the day plan window. If the "Change greeting" check box is not ticked off, the software greeting is "Hello! [user name selected when registering]" (no name for unregistered users). If the check box is ticked off, the greeting changes depending on the day time in accordance with the settings displayed below. For example, on default, from 03 :00 till 12 : 00 a.m. Office Organizer displays "Good Morning...". You can modify time diapasons and the greeting form on your own.  
·The separate "Fields" box allows setting parameters of additional fields of the "day plan" database.  
- Names of additional fields F1, F2, F3 of the "day plan" database.  
- Percent ratio of the fields F2 and F3 lengths. This ratio can also be modified by moving the vertical separating line in the day plan window with the mouse.  
- Show or hide columns or grid in the fields F2 and F3.  
- Select any columns width in the fields F2 and F3.  
·Format of the date representation in the headings of the day plans. (For details, please see the section "Date representation".)  
·Each window of the software "remembers" its position on the computer screen before it was closed. In the event of contingency you may need to cancel all fixed positions of the software windows on the screen. To do so, click the "Reset window positions" button in the bottom right window.