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Folders Window

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The window 'Folders' is opened by selecting the menu-item 'Folders' of the main menu that can be opened by pressing the right mouse key on the program Office Organizer icon in the tray (the bottom right part of the screen).  
In the given version of the program Office Organizer the window 'Folders' is meant only for working with the folders to place mail messages. By default the structure consists of the following folders: Outbox, Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts, Templates. The user can create an unlimited number of other suitable for him folders to place mail messages including attached ones at any level of attachment.  
Viewing the content of the folders can be made in the 'Mail - Office Organizer' window. To move a mail message from one folder to another the user should drag it by the mouse from the 'Mail - Office Organizer' window to a necessary folder in the 'Folders' window'.