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Inputting and editing entries in the day plan

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The table editor in the day plan window is like MS Excel editor and operates similarly for all the sections of the day plan (daily plans, additional fields):  
·An active cell is to be selected by the left button of the mouse – it is highlighted with black bold borders. The cell can be edited if it's empty. The cell highlighted with red borders means the editor is accessed.  
·Generally, to access the editor click the selected cell twice with the left button of the mouse or press the F4 key. To exit the editor, press the F2 key (or Ctrl+S) on the keyboard or switch to another cell using the mouse.  
·Standard functions are available in the editor – text input, copying, deleting.  
·To clear the cell, click the red cross located in the upper left corner of the section being edited when the cell is highlighted with black borders.  
·Content of the highlighted cell (with black borders) can be dragged to another cell using the mouse. If the "Ctrl" key is pressed, content of the firs cell will be kept.  
·If length of the line entered exceeds width of the cell, the latter is expanded automatically. In the editing mode, the cell can be expanded by pressing the "Enter" key.  
·Switching between cells including those with different day plans is effected using the mouse or arrows on the keyboard.  
·To remove the pointer from the screen, press "Esc". The pointer will be displayed again when selecting a cell with the mouse.  
Functions of the editor are available through the contextual menu displayed by clicking with the right button of the mouse (near each of the menu items corresponding hot keys are shown):  
- "Save" – saves last modification in the cell being edited. (If you open the contextual menu from out the editor – the cell is in the black borders – the line contains "Edit" to access the editor)  
- "Undo" – undoes the last modification of the cell (if you have already exited the editor, the modification is done in the database).  
- "Cut" – cuts the selected text to the Windows clipboard.  
- "Copy" - copies the selected text to the Windows clipboard.  
- "Paste" - pastes text from the Windows clipboard.  
- "Replicate from..." – displays the "Data replication" window to select the date from which data should be replicated to the day entries being edited. Data to be replicated are selected separately: "Today" – copies the day description available in the window displayed by clicking the "Today/Date" button, "Plan" - copies the day time table; each of the additional fields of the day plan is selected for replication separately.  
- "Insert" – inserts a raw above the selected cell.  
- "Delete" – deletes the raw containing the cell selected.  
- "Append" – inserts a raw at the end of the table.