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The "Database" tab of the Settings utility allows adjusting key parameters of the "day plan" database.  
·Tick off the "From Server" check box in the upper part of the tab if the database will be located on a computer used as a server. In this case the database settings should be selected in the "Groups" box of the software server part settings window. The "From Server" check box is available when the "To Server" check box on the "Network" tab is ticked off.  

When the database is located on your computer and you manage it together with any other user in the "1 to 1" connection mode, i.e. without using the server – tick off "Sharing".  
wnote Attention! In this case network communication functions are available only for connecting you to the above user. To manage the database together with any number of users and use the mail program and interactive communication channels to all the local network users, locate the database file on the server with appropriate settings.  
·Using the "Browse" button, define the database file path. Its default location is C:\Program Files\Office Organizer and extension -.odb. If the database is located on the server data in this column are of no meaning. When you need to create a new .odb file, simply enter new name into the dialogue window and click "Open" – a file with the specified name will be created.  
·Specify number of day descriptions to be stored in the database and number of descriptions to be stored in the archive. The database size can exceed the number of days specified on the "Database" tab – this number includes the past days while records related to the future increase memory size occupied with the database file.  
·The "database-archive" structure is easily managed from the "DB Structure" window displayed by clicking the "Structure" button, through moving the slider and/or changing dates limiting the archive and database. If the "Create copy of Database" check box is ticked off, when restructuring the database a copy of the current database will be created in the same directory where .odb and. arc files of the connected database are located.  
·Define time of the day plan beginning, time interval and ending. These parameters define initial view of the day plan tables.  
·If you use the freeware version of Office Organizer on your local computer not connected to the local network – press the "Local usage - no limits" button in the bottom part of the tab. You can use the software for free without any functional or time limitations. If you are not registered, but use the program in the local network – click the button "Network usage - Database for 7 days only". In such a case the software has two limitations: using the software, only three computers can interact with each other with the installed client freeware and the day plan database is limited with 7 days.