Freeware Office Organizer - software system of communication, mail program (for Internet and office local network), personal and network organizers, chat for local network, adjustable database with address book and notes book.
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Contacts book Window

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The "Contacts" window is displayed by clicking the butt5orgl16 button in the day plan window or be selecting "Contacts" in the main menu opened by clicking the Office Organizer icon in the tray (bottom right corner of the screen) with the right button of the mouse.  
The left box of the window contains the local network users list entered in the server settings. Color of the user names in the list depend on whether the user is currently connected to the network or not. Names are selected by clicking the left button of the mouse.  
Upon selecting the user name click one of the buttons located in the right part of the window:  
·    "Message"  
·    "Chanel"  
Clicking the "Message" button displays a window for an outgoing message creation with the address field containing the selected address of the network user. Several users' addresses are entered separated by commas.  
Clicking the "Chanel" button displays the interactive communication channel window allowing interactive communicating with other users. Those users should be also connected to the system. To contact users not currently connected use the mail program.