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Chat, Interactive communication channel

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You can open any number of interactive communication channels(chats) to one or more network users at the same time.  
For this purpose open the "Contacts" window and:  
Select in the left part of the window name (names) of the local network user whom you're going to contact. To select several names click each of the required names with the mouse holding the "Ctrl" key pressed. By selecting the first name and then clicking other name while holding the "Shift" key pressed, you can select all the names between these two. Then specify a subject under the "Chanel" button (the subject will be viewed by all the users when they get contact invitation) and click the "Chanel" button.  
Clicking "Chanel" button displays a window with a heading containing the specified subject. At the same time other users are offered to contact. If they agree, a similar window is opened on their computers. You'll get message confirming the user connection to the channel-chat. Otherwise, you'll get contact rejecting message. Before you get notification of the user's connection to the channel or notification of the user's disconnection none of your messages sent to this user is received by the recipient. You can type and edit your messages for chat in the upper part of the window. To send messages to other users click the "Send" button.  
On having sent your message you'll see it in the button box of the window where all the messages of all the users taking part in the contact are displayed.  
The toolbar of the selected subject window contains the buttons as follows:  
- temabut16 fix the window on the top of other Office Organizer windows  
- change the font to bold, italic, underlin  
- setting fonts in the message editor