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Changing the "database archive" structure

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On the "Database" tab of the Settings utility (in the "Groups" box of the server settings respectively) click the "Structure" button to open the "DB Structure" window.  
The date on the left represents the database first record date if the archive is not being filled or the archive first record date. The date on the right represents the database last record.  
If both archive and database have been formed in the system, the whole "archive-database" structure is represented as a window with the slider. The archive is highlighted with blue to the left of the slider while the database is to the right of it. The date above the slider is the database first record date.  
By moving the slider you can move the border between the database and the archive. Thus part of the archive can be restored to the database or part of the database can be placed to the archive. Performing such an operation, do not forget borders of the archive and database set on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility (in the "Groups" box of the server settings respectively). After restarting the program all the day plans restored from the archive can be viewed in the day plan window.  
By changing the dates on the left and/or on the right you can remove part of the archive or database respectively.  
The database size may exceed number of days set on the "Database" tab – this number includes past days, records related to the future demand additional disk space for the database file.  
If the "Create copy of Database" check box in the "DB Structure" window is ticked off, when restructuring the database its copy will be created in the same directory.