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Database Archive Settings and Database Control

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Archive is the file where day plan records are transferred to, when the selected size of the database is exceeded. The file is located in the same directory as the database file and has the same name and the extension .arc.  
The Archive setting can be made on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility or in the "Groups" box of the software server part settings window – depending on where the database file is located: whether on the server or on the client computer.  
If you don't want to delete the data from the database completely, enter number of the archive records into the "Archive" field on the "Database" tab. If this number is exceeded, the data will be deleted completely! If you don't need any archives, mark the field with "0".  
When the database is located on the client computer and the second user is connected to it, is considered to be special case ("1 to 1" connection, database is shared). Then the "master" copy of the software should be defined i.e. what settings prevail when transferring data to the archive of database. Then, on the selected computer, into the "Number of Records DB" field (database size) on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility enter the number less than on the second computer – for instance 365 and 368, respectively (it is recommended that the difference is 2-3 days). This should be done to avoid simultaneous data correction and transfer to the archive of database!  
The "database-archive" structure can be modified in the "DB Structure" window displayed by clicking the "Structure" button on the "Database" tab of the Settings utility (or in the "Groups" box in the server settings). Data from the archive can be restored to main database by modifying the structure(Settings -> Organizer Database File ).