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Additional fields of the day plan and calendar

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In the «day plan» window, above the daily time- tables, there are three additional fields F1, F2 and F3 (fields named "Description" on default, "Incoming calls" and "To call") containing additional information for the corresponding date set in the "Today/Date" calendar in the upper part of the screen.  
Names and parameters of the fields F1, F2, F3 can be modified in the "Fields" box of the Interface tab of the Settings program.  
The additional fields can be minimized or maximized by clicking correspondent buttons located above them.  
The additional fields' entries are edited following the same rules as for the daily time-tables.  
When changing the selected date in the month calendar while the "Paging the plans only" check box under the month calendar in the day plan window is ticked off, the daily time-tables are paged over correspondingly and the values of the fields F1, F2 and F3 remain as of the date in the "Today/Date" calendar (i.e. date in the "Today/Date" calendar doesn't change according to the changes of the dates in the month calendar).  
If the check box is not ticked off, when paging dates in the month calendar the corresponding additional fields will be also displayed (the "Today/Date" calendar will be changed together with the month calendar date).